Welcome to the Walnut Market

Enter a store overfilled with a panoply of items from all over the world, the creation of Moe Khalaj who has transformed the Walnut Convenience Store into a larger than life expression of the proprietor's love of serving the varied needs of customers. One finds disparate items such as Marshall's Hot Chutney, Biltong dried beef and Bakers Cookies, all South African imports; lactose free cheesecake, Montreal bagels (he has obtained an exclusive import license for these goods); baked Jewish specialties from Zucker Bakery products including rugala, mandel bread and challah; beers from around the world ranging in price from $6.00 to $47.00, such as Deus, Brut des Flanders that is aged with Champagne techniques, Montreal imported (Lester's) delicatessen meat, which is a combination of pastromi and corned beef but with less fat; locally made Giovanni Gelato; and hand made imported rugs.


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Walnut Market offers a diverse menu with numerous choices to tease you palate and to pique your interest in returning again and again.

Quick lunch Afternoon stroll or
Pick-Me-Up. We offer a diverse & healthy grazing menu!

Stop by and select your own or call ahead and we'll have it bagged, ready to pick-up. Just Pick-up, pay and go.